VIDEO: Prague-Based Bicycle Manufacturer Encourages People to Ride Alone

Festka realized an impactful video appeal for cyclists to respect the Coronavirus restrictions

The recent warm and sunny weather lures cyclists out and the breaking curves representing the numbers of infected in the Czech Republic and several other countries breed optimism. The temptation to take off face-masks and organize a group ride gets stronger every day.

Festka, the Prague based manufacturer of top-end bicycle frames, decided to contribute to the debate about the easing of restrictions and the personal responsibility of the individual.


The company asked a team of its long term collaborators in the area of film and photography to make a short video in which it wants to appeal to cyclists to keep on respecting the restrictions, ride alone and not gather in popular spots.

“Noticing the growing number of groups of cyclists, runners, and walkers, I was disappointed to see people flaunt the rules on social distancing. I approached our filmmaking friends and we made a video which appeals to cyclists to respect the restrictions in order for us all to be able to ride together again soon,” says Michael Moureček, the Festka co-founder and a former pro cyclist, adding:

“As lovers of cycling we completely understand the temptation but we also realize how much is at stake and so we thought we should ask our community to hold out and behave responsibly.”

The principal creators of the video – the director Jan Krofta, DOP Jiří Švorc and Michael Moureček in the role of the lonesome rider – used to the full the unique opportunity provided by the current situation. Locations normally teeming with hundreds, even thousands of tourists and Prague dwellers are shown completely deserted except for the solitary cyclist.

The visual impact of these images is strong and it carries a huge significance. The current restrictions were observed during the shoot which took place in the early mornings of the first April weekend.

The other main contributors were the editor Petr Mrkous, the sound-engineer Mishan Pajdiak. The picture post-production was done by PFX and the video was produced by Unit/Sofa.

About Festka

Festka has been making top-quality custom bicycles in Prague since 2010. It counts many interesting people among its clients – Hollywood celebrities, people from big business, as well as those who discovered cycling later in life as their preferred form or exercise and want (and can afford) to ride an exceptional bike.

Festka is renowned for its cooperation with top-notch institutions such as the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Czech Technical University.

The firm was founded by the former pro cyclist Michael Moureček and his entrepreneurial friend Ondřej Novotný.  From the very beginning, the creative side of things has been the work of Tomáš Hnida.

Up to 90% of the company’s production is exported, with 80% of the exports heading outside the EU to Asia (China, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines), USA and Australia.

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