Velvet Revolution Will be Celebrated on Národní třída on November 17

The anniversary of the Velvet Revolution takes place on November 17, with street exhibitions, light installations and audiovisual projections gracing Národní třída.

The organizers behind the celebration are planning a cultural program, with theater performances and debates, at the site of the police violence against students in 1989. In accordance with last year’s example, the event will also be transferred to an online environment. 

The eighth year of the celebrations of freedom known as Korzo Národní will return to the public after pandemic safety measures. Given the changing situation around COVID-19, the organizers compiled the program so that visitors did not gather in large crowds for individual activities. 

“This year is a promise for us to return to normal. People will be able to enjoy the program directly on Národní třída during November 17, just as they were used to in the past. We will also offer several ways to celebrate the anniversary from a distance,” organizer Lucie Bílková said.

The event planners involved intend to transform Národní třída into a living gallery space for the anniversary. Their agenda includes an outdoor projection regarding the current political situation in Belarus. Visitors can visit street exhibitions or take part in educational walks mapping the period of communism, the events of the Velvet Revolution and the early post-revolutionary years. 

Unlike last year, there will also be activities in buildings around Národní třída. Korzo Národní will present a theater performance, a coupe talk show in the Forest in cooperation with the Vosto5 Theater, art workshops with the Scout Institute and debates co-organized with the media.

In the central location, a designated place of reverence, citizens can leave candles, wreaths and flowers. “In 2020, due to circumstances, we were looking for creative solutions to bring the celebrations of freedom to their homes. An online pieta was created and over 2,000 people took advantage of the opportunity to light a candle remotely. We decided to repeat it this year and allow people to honor the memory of November events, even if they cannot or do not want to come directly to Národní třída for various reasons,” Bílková said.

Organizers agree the event helps connect the entire Czech Republic. The plan is to showcase traditional lighting of buildings in Czech state colors.

They also hope to include the Prayer for Marta son in the program, to be screened via television broadcast on November 17 at 5:11 p.m.

The songs will also air on city radio stations around the country. More information about the program can be found at


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