Validity of Vaccination Certificate Extended Indefinitely After Booster Dose

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The Czech government approved a change in the validity of the Covid-19 vaccination certificate and several other updates to the current measures. 

The validity of a Covid-19 vaccination certificate will be extended indefinitely when a person receives a booster dose. This change will take effect on February 15th. Certificates of those who have had two doses will be valid for 270 days.

From January 31st, students at higher vocational schools (VOS) will need to undergo regular testing.

“The pandemic is developing according to the predictions which the government uses to make its decisions,” said Fiala on Wednesday.

“We are continuing to monitor and evaluate the situation and the measures in force. Based on this, we have decided that no one who has had a positive PCR test in the last 30 days needs to be quarantined.” This measure enters into force on January 31st.

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The Czech Republic registered 34,740 new Covid cases on Thursday and a record number of reinfections at 16,248. The incidence number has jumped to 2,030 per 100,000 people. 1,967 people are currently hospitalized with Covid.

People in the Czech Republic will be able to register for the Novavax vaccine as of February 1. The inoculation with the newest vaccine would begin on March 1st and it would be available for everyone over the age of 18.


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