Remembering Václav Havel: Banknote Released for 10th Anniversary of His Death

banknote vaclav havel

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the death of the country’s first post-revolution president Václav Havel.

To commemorate this occasion, the company České dukáty s.r.o. has decided to issue a commemorative banknote featuring a portrait of Václav Havel created by painter Eva Hašková.

“In collaboration with leading Czech banknote designers, painter Eva Hašková and engraver Martin Srb, and in partnership with the State Printing Works of Securities, we have created a limited-edition banknote to honour the memory of the prominent figure Václav Havel”, explains Vladimír Olmr, creator of the project.

The main motif on the obverse of the note is a portrait of Václav Havel and the south wing of Prague Castle with the presidential balcony.

The reverse side depicts other features of Prague Castle, namely the Matthias Gate and the Wrestling Titans. The banknote is printed on security paper with a linden leaf watermark with a cotton fibre.

The portrait of Václav Havel, the text on the obverse side, and the Czech lion registration mark have been printed using the intaglio method. UV light reveals other motifs typical for Václav Havel, both on the obverse and reverse side of the note.

The commemorative banknote will be issued as a limited edition in five numbered series, A, B, C, D, E, with 500 prints in each one. Series H comes exclusively in a set with a medal (gold, silver, or bronze) designed by legendary glassmaker and medallist Jiří Harcuba from 1995.

A total of 300 medals with a diameter of 65 mm have been produced. The medal and banknote in a set have the same serial number.

The last prints will be completed in the coming days, and both collectors and the general public will have the opportunity to purchase the note from the STC e-shop or the website of the project in November.


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