Vaccination Registration Opens in Czech Republic for Children Over 5

From this Monday the age limit for child vaccination against Covid-19 has been moved down to the age of 5.

Registrations are possible either online, in the state’s vaccine registration system, or at the family’s local GP.

Children will receive a third of the normal dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. According to outgoing Health Minister Adam Vojtěch, relevant vaccines should become available by the end of the week.

The Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch encouraged parents to get their children vaccinated.

He has also issued new regulations regarding households with confirmed cases of Covid-19. According to the new rules, if a person is infected with Covid-19 then anybody living with them should be tested between 5-7 days after contact.

This applies even if the members of the household are all vaccinated, but they need not quarantine.

The Ministry also states that those sharing the living space with the infected should wear respirators and monitor their health until they receive their test results. These tests will be covered by public health insurance.

Mandatory vaccination

The Czech government ordered COVID-19 vaccinations for people working in hospitals and nursing homes as well as police officers, soldiers and some other professions and all citizens aged 60 and older.

“Other countries are taking this path,” Vojtech said. “It is a trend that will prevail across Europe.”

Those who refuse would be barred from working in the selected professions, he said.

The order should take effect from March but may have a short lifespan, at least in its current form, because a new centre-right government which may take power as soon as next week has protested against compulsory vaccinations based on age.

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