Usage of Masks “Flattened” Growth of Coronavirus Cases in Czech Republic

The growth of coronavirus cases has “flattened” in the Czech Republic ever since the country’s government has made masks compulsory, claimed data scientist Jeremy Howard.

In the Czech Republic, the growth of news is low whereas in other parts of Europe the pandemic is largely out of control. This occurred after the government announced it was compulsory to wear something covering a part of your mouth and nose when leaving your residences – such as a home-made mask or a scarf on March 18.

Howard claimed that “one of the key reasons for the decrease in the growth of the cases is a massive country-wide community initiative to create and wear home-made masks.”

In just 10 days, the country went from no mask usage to nearly 100 percent usage, with nearly all the masks made at home with easily accessible materials, like old t-shirts.

As many as nine people have died from the infection that originated in China.

Howard claimed that in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan as theses countries are using masks to prevent the spread of the disease. “In South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan there is no lock-down. Yet COVID-19 is being controlled in these countries. How has this happened? One of the key reasons is that mask-wearing in public is ubiquitous and socially expected,” Howard said.

As of Sunday morning, there were 2,669 cases of COVID-19 in the country, with 13 dead.

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  1. Not quite sure what data this “data scientist” based his conclusion on (as the article gives no details or links), but according to official figures the growth definitely isn’t flattening: Quite the contrary, after fairly linear growth it has been speeding up the last few days. Not to mention the official figures will be nowhere near the actual ones…

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