Upcoming Beer Festivals in the Czech Republic You Can’t Miss

Beer Festivals in the Czech Republic

If you want to get to know the Czech Republic with everything it offers, you must taste a glass of beer – golden treasure Czechs are very proud of.

Beer festivals are an excellent opportunity for you to do so. It is a tradition that every fairly large brewery has its festival at least once a year. And what is the program like?

Beer, beer specialities in the form of various kinds of grilled meat and cheese. This is accompanied by a musical performance and some kind of surprise of the night. Visit, for example, the Bernard Fest 2022 (24–25 June) in Humpolec, Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, CLOCK/DAY (23 July) in the eastern Bohemian village of Potštejn or the Radegast Day (27 August) at the Radegast Brewery in Nošovice. In addition to beer and food, the program also features cultural and musical events as is appropriate to a proper festival.

Then, Dočesná in Žatec (3–4 September) is an event combining the features of a beer and music festival. The town that gave its name to the highest-quality hop variety has prepared a quality musical program involving the tasting of more than 100 beer types this year.

And where you can go if you want to taste the best of various breweries at once? At Karlín, Prague, you can visit the Beer & Burger Festival (22 May) with a presentation of the products of craft breweries of Bohemia and Moravia and there will be no shortage of good burgers as well.

The Beerfest (26–28 May) in Olomouc will show you the good products that have been made in brewhouses not only within the Czech Republic but also not far away abroad.

Finally, the Minibrewery Festival (10–11 June) at Prague Castle is of the highlights of all Czech exhibitions of minibreweries. The top 66 Czech and Moravian minibreweries and three foreign minibreweries take part in it.

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