Up to 300 Foreign Military Doctors Will Help Czech Hospital’s Covid Fight

On Thursday, the Czech government agreed to bring up to 300 military personnel from the European Union and NATO member states to help with the coronavirus pandemic.

Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček (CSSD) bought the decision forward, which has been approved by the Parliament.

The Czech government has already agreed to call in 28 military doctors from the United States to help the country’s health service with Covid-related hospitalizations. According to the Minister of Health Roman Prymula, American doctors should arrive next week.

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The information was announced in a press release. Defense Minister Lubomír Metnar (ANO) said: “At the same time, negotiations are underway on the possible deployment of medics from other NATO and EU member states. In order to be able to implement everything quickly, the government approved today (Thursday) the stay of up to 300 military medics in the Czech Republic for up to 90 days.”

Foreign soldiers who are deployed in the Czech Republic will work without weapons and always in cooperation with Czech medical personnel.

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According to the Ministry of Defense, Parliament, and both of its chambers, must give consent or the soldiers to stay, in accordance with the constitution.
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