Unvaccinated Children Not Allowed in Czech Kindergartens

The debate between vaccinating and not vaccinating children has been an ongoing and fraught with friction. And in the Czech Republic, it is no different, if anything it may be slightly more proactive in its stance against children who have not been inoculated.

In a report issued by the National Institute of Public Health, Prague in 2015, they observed an increasing trend of routine vaccination refusal in children during the last ten years (compared to the situation in the year 2004,). The most important factors associated with this progression were distrust to vaccination, fear of some vaccine components and fear of adverse reactions. “The most often refused vaccines in the prevalence study were hex vaccine (1st dose) and measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (1st dose).”

In an article by Interez.sk they expressed their frustration as to how the indifference to vaccinations threatens the health of the world. “Just recently, we’ve been telling you how this stupid trend threatens the health of people around the world. We got rid of chicken pox, now there is this threat again. This is due to parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. why are they doing that? They mistakenly believe that vaccines cause autism and other illnesses. Vaccination itself is only considered as a marketing campaign by pharmaceutical companies.”

They went on further to express their point by stating that the same companies they refuse to vaccinate their children with are the same companies they go to, to purchase medication when their children fall ill. It is clear that every parent wants the best for their children and their criticism did not attack this aspect. However, there is a larger social attitude that needs remedying and informing. Though the parental care itself cannot be attacked, their stubbornness however can.

Today, unvaccinated children could enter private nursery schools. But the task of the new law is to establish the same rules for all. In addition, it is, of course, the reaction of the Czech government to increase the number of unvaccinated children. If parents continue this trend, they will not only ban entry to similar facilities for their children but also a fine of 10,000 Kč

In the early months of life, the child has the most vulnerable immune system. “It is so easy for them to catch a dangerous disease, and their parents only contribute to this probability. The negative effects of vaccination have never been proven. Parents also appeal to the World Health Organization, which mentions not only that vaccination is the best prevention but also that it saves three million lives a year. And this number could be even higher.”

The Czech Republic has taken a stance against such parents in the amendment of the law. Unvaccinated children over three years of age will be banned from nursery schools as well as from any other children’s groups. The law should come into force in December this year and precede the European Union’s regulation of two years on official controls.

Author: Lilato Madiri

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