University Tips for Current and Graduating Students

Learn how to overcome or limit debt from university student finances, find affordable university student housing, and social network to help you get a job.

Getting into university or college is no easy task; making it through university is even more difficult. The number of assignments, late nights of studying or partying, lack of sleep and zero time for a job all build up to make your university life stressful.

If you are a current university student or just college essay writer, this article will help alleviate your mounting stress. With tips on overcoming university debt, finding affordable student housing, and social networking to help get you a job, you can now relax as you complete your post-secondary education and begin a career.

University Student Finances: Tips for Overcoming University Debt

Apply for scholarships and enter contests. This will give you some extra money to help pay for your education (and lessen debt), and serve as an excellent addition to the Awards/Achievements section of your resume.

Apply for student assistance program every year. You will receive a letter in the mail each year asking you to confirm your continuing attendance at the university. If you fail to respond to this letter, interest will start building up before you graduate, and you will be expected to start making payments within approximately six months of the end of your current school year, so be sure to reply early.

Assistance program eliminates a lot of financial stress, thus, allowing you to focus more on your studies. You can use this loan to pay for part of your education while you are in school and then pay it back upon graduating. If your application is accepted but you do not end up needing the money, you can pay the loan back once you have graduated.

If possible, get a part-time job. Look for a campus job that offers a few hours a week. In your first year, take the time to settle into university life and meet new people. The second and third years are best for working since you will have adjusted to university but have not yet hit the intensity of the fourth year. Since the fourth year is important and involves a lot more work than other years, try not to work (if possible) since it will only add to your stress.

University Student Housing: Tips for Finding Affordable Housing

In your first year of university, try living in residence (if possible). This is a great way of meeting new people, and it means you do not have to stress about finding housing in an area that you may not yet be familiar with.

In later years, you may need to find your accommodations depending on what residences are like on your campus. When looking for student housing, the closer you are to campus the more expensive the rent will be, so keep this in mind while searching.

Finding affordable housing that is all-inclusive, or close to it, is possible.

If you still have not found anything you like, look on your university/college website under off-campus student housing. There will be more options here that are at a more affordable price.

When taking the bus or driving, be sure to keep your eyes open for any signs mentioning housing for rent, since not all apartments or houses list their vacancies.

University Life: Tips for Social Networking

Talk to your professors. Ask them questions about the course and what you are learning; show an interest. Getting to know your professors means you could end up with a great reference down the road for whatever career you choose.

Take the time to get to know other students. Some of them can help you with your studying. Even if you ask someone to write my essay for me, they will be ready to help. The friendships you create with other students provide a great support system and an excellent means of helping you through your stressful university years.

Join different university groups. Becoming a member of different campus groups and activities shows employers that you can balance both academics and extracurricular or social activities. Participating in these groups may also give you experience or skills that you can put on your resume.

University Graduate Careers: Tips for Job-hunting

If you are not sure what career path is right for you, talk to someone from the career center on your campus. They will help you focus on your skills and interests, and provide possible jobs for the future. If you already have an idea of what type of job you want, the Career Centre can provide you with more information on your chosen career path.

Also, check out the Career Centre website for your school. Search the job postings and apply for any jobs that look interesting before the school year is done. If you apply early, you will have a better chance of having a job lined up for you once you finish school. The longer you wait, the fewer job opportunities there will be that are in your line of work/interest. Start the job search early, apply early, and you will be able to pay off your debt earlier.

In your three or four years of study, you picked up tricks to help you survive university and get a good job afterward, but this does not mean that those years in school are/were easy. By reviewing these tips on student finances and overcoming debt, how to find affordable housing, how to use social networking to get a good job, and how to search for jobs, your life will become a lot easier.

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