United Islands Reveals the First Part of the Line-Up

United Islands of prague 2022

Post-punk, hyperpop, rap, R&B, and a fusion of electronic music and jazz – all  ofthat will be a part of this year’s United Islands of Europe which will showcase new faces of the music scene from the Czech Republic, its neighbours, but also from Eastern Europe and overseas, right in Prague.

The festival is free of charge and will feature the Lithuanian project Akli, Romanian composer A-C Leonte, and the groundbreaking German
performer Zouj.

“The weekend of June 10–11 will enliven the islands of Prague with a multitude of genres and innovative tones,” says the festival manager Kamila Buráňová.

The special edition of the United Islands of Europe festival called the Freedom Edition will offer seven stages in total and fifty artists of various genres from all over Europe.

The main attraction of this edition is the Eastern Europe scene, which will be represented by the already announced Dlina Volny, but among others also the Romanian muse A-C Leonte, who underscores her clear vocals by interweaving jazz and electronic music.

Lithuania will make its appearance in the Czech metropolis in the form of the young post-punk project Akli. Prague will also be graced by a visit of two figures of the contemporary Irish music scene, who undoubtedly belong among the headliners of the festival.

The uncompromising sound of the band Thumper accompanied by two drum kits won’t let down anyone who is at least mildly interested in rock. And the Tebi Rex duo will be a breath of fresh air introducing their rap and R&B, which borders on alternative pop and darker trap.

The festival doesn’t forget about the closest neighbours of the Czech Republic either. The Slovakian singer Timea uses her distinctive vocals and
musical accompaniment to create a metaphor for a pleasant summer day, while the 52 Hertz Whale from Bratislava are considered one of the best live bands on the CZ/SK music scene.

Another Slovakian artist whom the United Islands will also bring to Prague and whose music is intimate as well as intensive is the singer and composer Nina Kohout.

As for the Czech scene, visitors of the Prague festival can look forward to 7krát3, who accompanied by a live band will offer an even wilder R&B.

The new, experimental wave of rap, which has been growing stronger in the Czech Republic, will be represented by the Laokoon duo. The well-tuned band Sépie z hor will then play some energetic dance jazz, and Yasha, a Czech artist living in Berlin, will introduce his recent indie-pop creations.

The performances of the first thirteen announced artists who will come to Prague for the festival in June will be topped off with the unique and charming voice of the Czech singer Luciana – her vocals accompanied by wonderful musicians from Brno create a soul experience with touches of jazz.

The United Islands of Europe festival – Freedom Edition will be taking place on Střelecký Island, Janáčkovo nábřeží, Vítězná street at Café Savoy, Children’s Island, at Jazz Dock, in the Portheimka Park, and on the terrace of the Nový Smíchov shopping center. The entrance fee to the festival – both to the concerts and the non-music program of the Islands of Inspiration – is free of charge for everyone.

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