United Islands of Prague is Back on May 5-6

Great music of all kinds of genres will fill the islands again this year, the United Islands of Prague festival will be connected with Europe Day

The festival season will begin in Prague on May 5 and 6 at the 20th annual United Islands of Prague festival. On the Prague islands this year, the festival organizers are preparing an offer of Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, French, German and Danish music.

In addition, Friday’s program will belong to Europe Day, which is an annual reminder of peace and cooperation on the territory of the European continent.

On the first weekend of May, visitors can look forward to performances from European countries and an interesting accompanying program in addition to a genre-varied load of unheard musical tones. The United Islands of Prague Festival and Europe Day are traditionally free for visitors.

“Until now, we have always celebrated Europe Day as a separate event on Strelecky Island. This year, the celebrations will be part of the United Islands of Prague festival for the first time. Something that has a common spirit and goal will naturally come together: the connection of different cultures and peoples and the celebration that we can live together in peace for almost eighty years,” says Magdaléna Frouzová, press officer of the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic.

The two festival days will offer, for example, the Swedish group The Magnettes, who take their inspiration from the legendary group ABBA and belong to the most important Swedish bands, the Irish group Enola Gay from Belfast, which combines strong bass and dirty guitars with recited vocals and excited electronics, or for example the Prague group P/\ST, which plays alternative experimental rap with a touch of hard electronics.

From the Czech and Slovak scene, music fans can look forward to the Slovak rapper with the pseudonym Edúv syn, who focuses on mental health in his lyrics, the rapper Wodehn, who is one of the rising stars of the Czech rap scene, and the Králové Hradec pop band The Valentines, which oscillates between David Bowie’s eighties aesthetic and contemporary guitar pop, playing what he says are “happy songs about the saddest things”.

During Friday’s “European day”, visitors can look forward to a talk show with actors from the Vosto5 theater, a discussion with interesting guests and an unconventional view of Ukraine through the virtual reality of the Fresh Memories project. An attractive program is once again prepared for children.

The popular non-musical program Islands of Inspiration will not be missing either. Various interesting organizations, associations from Prague 1, workshops, museums, theaters and cultural institutions will get their space.

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