“United Islands of Europe” Starts Today. Here’s What You Need to Know

United Islands of Europe

Celebrate the beginning of summer at a festival in the center of Prague! 

The multi-genre music festival United Islands of Europe – Freedom Edition will bring more than 50 musical discoveries not only from Western but also Central and Eastern Europe to Prague which will perform on a total of 7 stages on the second weekend of June – 10 and 11.

Visitors can look forward to performers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Lithuania, Poland, Germany or Ireland, representing a diverse range of music – from hyperpop or rap, through post-punk, to jazz fusion.

There will also be an equally packed non-music program known as the Islands of Inspiration. It will offer workshops, sports, cultural and educational activities, as well as panel discussions on freedom, diversity or sustainability.

This year, the Gastro Zone or Gastro Islands will present sustainable trends in catering. In addition to beers from mini-breweries, visitors will also be able to taste the United Beer festival beer.

The festival program will take place on Střelecký Island, Janáčkovo nábřeží, Vítězná street near Café Savoy, Dětský Islands, Jazz Dock, Portheimka Park and OC Nový Smíchov Terrace.

Come listen to concerts of new discoveries of the European and domestic music scene, visit film screenings, photo exhibitions or swap markets, dance in the park or on the terrace of the department store, visit workshops on sex, health, growing herbs and many other topics, try paddleboarding on the Vltava, all in the center of Prague. Entertainment for all ages.

There are no tickets to the festival – admission to the event is free. More on Facebook

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