Unique Gondolas From Venice to Appear in Prague

Two unique ceremonial gondolas will leave Venice for the first time in history to show off before Navalis Saint John’s Celebrations on May 15. 

In Venice there are only 10 ceremonial gondolas, which are called “Bissóna“. The Bissóna is an ancient Venetian ceremonial boat, rowed by eight oarsmen in costume, lavishly decorated with allegorical sculptures and gold-plated carving. It was used in parades or to welcome important people.

The two gondolas will leave Venice thanks a special permit from the mayor’s office. The organizers of Navalis insured them for Kc 30 million.

The feast celebrate the anniversary of canonization of Czech patron St John of Nepomuk, the patron of all people from water, and it takes place always on the eve of the St John’s day – 15th May. 

Saint John of Nepomuk is also the patron of all gondoliers and one of the eight patrons of Venice. The statue of Saint John of Nepomuk is the only Baroque statue situated right on the bank of the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.

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