Unique 200-Year-Old Carousel Brought to Prague

carousel prague petrin

Praguers will have the opportunity to ride on a unique historical carousel, brought from Florence and installed on Petřín Hill next to the famous observation tower.

The carousel was rented from a private owner (an Italian family) by the Prague City Tourism Agency for Tourism Development. With its help, the authorities want to “revive” the Petřín area and make it a place of attraction.

The first written mention of the carousel dates back to 1820, but it was built much earlier – most likely at the end of the 17th century. Only three similar carousels have survived to this day.

“This is a unique thing. The most beautiful carousel in Europe. Our goal is to revitalize the area so that tourists can comfortably spend the whole day here. To that end, we have also agreed to cooperate with the nearby Strahov monastery and Planetarium,” said the agency’s representative Klara Mala.

The carousel will open for guests on Friday, June 18th and it is designed for both adults and children. The cost of one trip will be 70 CZK.

The lease is stipulated until the end of the summer, but if demand is high, the authorities will extend it until mid-September.

 carousel prague petrin

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