Eurostat: Unemployment Rate in the Czech Republic Lowest in the EU

Unemployment Rate in the Czech Republic

In the EU countries, unemployment in November was recorded at 7.5%, while in October it was 7.6%. 

In absolute figures, Eurostat reports a total of 15.93 million unemployed in the EU as a whole in November 2020 and 13.6 million in the Eurozone, with a decrease of 222,000 and 172,000 unemployed, respectively.

As compared to the same month last year, their number increased by 1.795 million people. The lowest unemployment rate in November last year was observed in the Czech Republic — at 2.9% and Poland — at 3.3%.

‘The increase in unemployment has a more considerable impact on females. In the total decrease of working persons by 41 thousand, which occurred since February, females account for considerable 70%,’ DaliborHolý, Director of Labour Market and Equal Opportunities Statistics Department of the Czech Statistical Office, noted.

The male unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted, attained 2.4%; the female unemployment rate reached 3.6%.

The employment rate of the aged 15-64 years reached 74.4% in November 2020 and decreased by 0.9 percentage point compared to that in November 2019. The male employment rate was 81.4%; the female employment rate was 67.0%, both seasonally adjusted.

The employment rate of persons aged 15-29 years, seasonally adjusted, was 45.9%, in the age group 30-49 years it attained 87.3%, and in the age group 50-64 years, it got to 76.9%.

According to the latest internationally comparable data, the Czech Republic still has the lowest unemployment rate not only among European Union countries but also among OECD states.

Of those countries, only Japan and Iceland show a comparable, albeit slightly higher unemployment rate.


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