Undiscovered Czech Gems: Chateau Jánský Vrch

Chateau Jánský Vrch

The Wroclaw bishops and archbishops gradually created a monumental Baroque chateau from the medieval castle and used it as a summer residence. In honour of their patron, John the Baptist, they renamed it Jánský Vrch.

The chateau on the rocky hill above the town close to the border with Poland was the center of erudition and culture in the most northern tip of Silesia for many years.

It stands out for unusual technological peculiarities: a water main was already here at the turn of the 18th and the 19th centuries and in 1906–1932 gas chandeliers and lamps were used in the interiors and in the main courtyard.

Of particular interest in the chateau is the interior décor with magnificent furnishings as well as an art collection covering the Renaissance up to Biedermeier. The unique exhibition of pipes and smoking utensils presents not only European but also American, African and Oriental examples.

This is the largest exhibition of its kind in the Czech Republic and consists of approximately 1200 items from the 18th to the 20th century. The chateau has also been the local centre for music culture since the year 1769 when the composer Karel Ditters of Dittersdorf lived here and founded a renowned chateau orchestra.

This musician is commemorated on an annual basis with an international festival on various sites in the area, including the Karel Ditters Museum in the town of Javorník.

Nowadays, the chateau is owned by the Czech state and can be visited by tourists. Thanks to its elevated location, visitors are able to see a beautiful panorama of the town and the surrounding region.

Opening times can be found here.


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