Ultimate Checklist for Moving to the Czech Republic 

Moving abroad is a major life change. In order to be sure that everything goes as it should, it is better to think through everything in advance and make a list of the actions that you have to take before moving.

To make this difficult process as easy as possible for you, we have written it down for you! Below you will find a list of tips for moving to the Czech Republic  but you can apply the basic points even if you are moving to a different destination in Europe or anywhere else in the world.

What you should consider before you move to the Czech Republic:

Throw away what you don’t need 

Moving is an ideal opportunity to cull your wardrobe and get rid of unnecessary things that only take up space. An exercise bike that rather serves as a coat rack? Trousers that you haven’t worn even once in the past year? Out they go! Your home will be cleaner and tidier and your luggage lighter for the move. Especially when traveling by plane, the amount of things you can take with you is very limited. And the things you aren’t using may make someone else happy.


It pays to sort out visas in advance, especially if you are moving to the Czech Republic from the United States or another country outside of the EU. First, you will need a short-term visa. You can apply for a short-term visa (up to 90 days) at the earliest three months prior to your trip and the period for processing the application is approximately 15 days, but you should definitely submit your application earlier.

After your arrival in the Czech Republic, apply for a long-term visa no later than 14 days before your short-term visa expires. The long-term visa is valid for six months. If you are moving to the Czech Republic for work, you will apply for an employee card instead of a long-term visa. If you plan to stay longer than half a year, it is necessary to apply for a long-term residency permit in person at the local office of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

Documents and driving license 

Checking your documents should be at the top of your list if you are preparing to go on holiday, a business trip or any trip abroad, let alone a long-term stay in another country. Check the validity of your passport and all other documents, especially those that you will have to submit before starting work or school. If you plan to drive in the Czech Republic, find out if your driving license is sufficient or if you need other appropriate permits in addition to it.


If you are moving to the Czech Republic for work, you should definitely open a koruna account. With some banks, you can open an account online and only visit a branch to sign the contract. If you have favourable conditions at your existing bank, you can pay by card almost everywhere in larger cities. In this case, however, verify which exchange rate your bank uses for card payments abroad.

Telephone services 

If you are moving within the European Union, you can start out using your original tariff under the same conditions as at home. However, as soon as you use it abroad on a permanent basis, the operator may charge you additional fees. Whether you are moving within Europe or moving to Europe from America or another continent, the best thing you can do is buy a new SIM card and get a new tariff in your destination. With a tariff from the Czech Republic, you can travel in EU countries and use telecommunications services without roaming fees.

Housing in the Czech Republic 

An international move is a demanding matter. Before relocating to Europe, it is worth monitoring the property market in order to get an idea of the price situation. Apartments offered to foreigners often have higher rental rates, though it is sometimes possible to negotiate the price. You will find the highest property prices in Prague; prices are significantly lower in other parts of the country. If you find an apartment before your arrival, you will save yourself a lot of worries after you arrive. However, you definitely should not send a deposit in advance to the landlord, as you could end up without an apartment and without money. Similarly, do not sign a contract without carefully reading it.

If you decide to start out in temporary housing and then look for an apartment in your destination, take into account whether you will be able to store your belongings. Especially if you are also moving furniture, consider storing your things with your moving company until you find a suitable apartment. In smaller cities and rural areas, however, be prepared for the fact that landlords probably will not speak English. If you can, ask a local for help with translating.

Finding a job 

You will find your ideal start at an international company, as working with colleagues from various countries will help to mitigate the initial culture shock. You will find the most job opportunities in the capital and other larger cities. In 2019, the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic fell below an incredible 3% and there is a labour shortage in the country. Look for work on local forums and in Facebook groups.

Suitable moving company

The essential point of the whole move is relocation from one country to another. What all will you take with you? Which means of transport will you choose? Be sure not to leave your packing until the last moment. Arrange your transport in time and make sure that all of your things arrive with you in good order. Especially if you’re moving fragile, large or heavy items, preferably entrust them to professionals.

A moving company such as Stěhování Praha will ensure international relocation without major worries.

It will arrange for you insurance  and communication with the customs authority, and provide certified packing materials for transport.

Everything will be planned, packed, transported, cleared through customs, and reassembled for you at your destination, saving you a lot of effort, stress, and paperwork when moving. In addition, the entire team speaks fluent English, so they can communicate with you and officials abroad without any problems.

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