Ukrainians to Hold “March of Gratitude” in the Center of Prague

Ukrainians will hold a “March of Gratitude” through the streets of Prague to thank the Czech people for the help they have provided to refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion and the Czech government for the support it has given to Ukraine.

It will take place on Sunday, 4 September.

At 12:00 the participants will gather on Wenceslas Square and then walk along the main streets to Old Town Square. During the march, women and children will distribute flowers and small handmade souvenirs to passersby.

“All of us who found refuge in Prague and the Czech Republic, want to say “thank you”. Someone has settled us in the house, has invited for dinner, has helped to orientate us in the city and to sort out documents, or has looked after our children. We want to thank all these people with songs, dances and kind words. We will be very happy if you join our march”, say the organizers.

More information can be find here

More than 101,000 Ukrainian refugees, who moved to Czechia as a result of Russia’s invasion of their home country, have managed to find work since their arrival, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs announced on Wednesday citing Labour Office data.

Within the less than half-year period since Russia’s aggression Czechia has issued nearly 410,000 temporary visas to Ukrainians. However, it seems that many have also returned to their home country since the beginning of the invasion, as child enrolment data into Czech schools suggest the number of Ukrainians now in Czechia is below to 300,000.

Ukrainian Children Sign Up for Czech Schools

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