Ukrainian Military Training Begins in the Czech Republic

Training of Ukrainian servicemen has begun in the Czech city of Libavá. The Armed Forces of the Czech Republic reported about this.

For better interaction, Czech teachers were assigned translators.

“The aim is for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to be able to independently conduct combat operations and effectively defend their territory and sovereignty. We do this for our protection as well,” the Czech military said.

According to the proposal of the Czech government, five four-week training sessions must be held by the end of next year.

Up to 800 Ukrainian servicemen can take part in each training. The training in Libavá was approved by Czech deputies last week.

The Czech Senate also supported sending Czech military personnel to train Ukrainians in other EU countries.

The Czech Republic will be able to send up to 55 military personnel to participate in the EU mission to train the Ukrainian military.

The training is conducted on the basis of a bilateral agreement between the governments of the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

In the future, according to the documents, they may transfer to the EU mission, which may reimburse the Czech Republic for part of the costs, estimated at 975 million Czech korunas (about $36 million).

As previously reported, the new training mission of the European Union for the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reached full operational readiness.

The Canadian military completed the last training series of exercises for Ukrainian forces as part of Operation UNIFIER in 2022.

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