UberEats to Leave the Czech Republic in June

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A leaked email from Uber Eats vice president Pierre-Dmitri Gore-Coty revealed the plans, which were later confirmed by an Uber Eats spokesperson

Uber said on Monday it was closing down its Uber Eats operations in eight markets, including the Czech Republic, because “they did not offer a clear route to becoming the number one or number two online food delivery operator”, its stated aim for its Eats business.

“We have made the decision to discontinue Uber Eats in Czech Republic, Egypt, Honduras, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and Uruguay, and to wind down the Eats app and transition operations to Careem in UAE,” a Uber spokesman said.

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According to Gore-Coty’s email, Uber Eats did not “grow quickly enough in these markets and we don’t see them as a path to profitability”.

Uber Eats started operating in Prague in 2018, delivering McDonald’s from four Prague fast foods (Muzeum, Vodičkova, Florenc and Eden).

“This continues our strategy of focusing our energy and resources on our top Eats markets around the world.”

Uber said its core rides business was unaffected in all of the markets.

Operations will cease by June 4 in the markets, apart from UAE, where they will transition to Careem, its wholly-owned subsidiary operating primarily in the Middle East. About 50 full-time roles would be affected, it said.

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