Uber Taxi Launched in Prague

Uber has recently launched a pilot stage of a new product option in Prague – Uber Taxi. From December 23 onwards you’ll be able to request a taxi ride via Uber app.

If you enjoy riding with a traditional metered taxi, but are not a big fan of hailing taxis in the middle of the street or carrying cash with you all the time in case you want to pay your driver, you can now try Uber Taxi.

Once you open the Uber app, select “Taxi” among other available products and your taxi driver will take you wherever you want to go.

How does Uber Taxi work?

  1. Set your preferred destination in the Uber App, select the Taxi option and request a ride.
  2. Once your driver arrives to pick you up, he will start the trip in the driver app and initiate the taximeter.
  3. When reaching the final destination, the driver will stop the taximeter and enter the fare price into the driver app.
  4. Depending on your preferred payment option, you will either pay the driver in cash or your credit card will be charged.

How does Uber Taxi differ from other Uber products?

  • Licensed local taxi drivers equipped with a taximeter
  • Trip flexibility – you can change the end destination during the duration of the ride
  • No surge prices – the fare structure is set by the price regulations for taxi and remains the same regardless of demand levels during peak hours
  • Taxi drivers can drive in dedicated fast lanes – it might help you to avoid traffic jams, so there is no need to worry about the arrival time during busy hours

With Uber Taxi, you can also share your whereabouts and trip status with friends and family, all right from the app. If you are riding with friends, you can also split the fares through the app.

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