Uber Pet Launched in Prague: Bring Your Furry Fur-Iend Along for the Ride

Uber Pet Launched in Prague

Uber is launching a new ride option in Prague called Uber Pet, through which you can give drivers a heads up that you’re bringing your pet along.

The surcharge corresponds to the cheapest UberX tariff increased by a one-time fee of 50 CZK.

More than half of households have a pet at home, and according to statistics, there are about two million dogs and a million cats in Czech families.

Uber Pet will help both riders and drivers avoid any unwanted surprises. It might give you peace of mind that a driver is happy to have a pet in their car and won’t cancel as soon as they see your dog or cat (or another animal).

All drivers using the Uber application in Prague can decide whether activate or not the Uber Pet option.

“Czechs are a nation of dog breeders and we have often heard from our users that they would greatly appreciate the possibility of transporting their animal companions. We decided to meet their needs and prepare a tailor-made service. In addition, the novelty is appreciated by the drivers themselves, who can better prepare for transporting pets,” describes Štěpán Šindelář, Uber’s operations manager for the Czech Republic.

To not forget:

  • Make sure your four-legged friend does not disturb the driver
  • If possible, bring a blanket for the animal to keep the car clean
  • The animal should be on a leash, with a muzzle or in a transport box
  • If you are traveling with more than one pet at a time, contact the driver
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