Uber Donates Free Rides to the Czech Red Cross

Uber has decided to support the activities of social services during the coronavirus crisis and dedicates free rides to workers of the Czech Red Cross.

Uber thus builds on its activities during the spring wave of the pandemic, when it provided a thousand free rides to medical staff in the Czech Republic.

Employees and volunteers working under the Czech Red Cross will now be able to get Uber rides free of charge when they move around the city to their clients. Uber dedicates a total of 350 rides to the Red Cross in the Czech Republic, and each employee will be able to take advantage of a fare discount of up to CZK 125 per ride, which is a discount that will fully cover most rides around Prague. 

„The work of social services is now even more important than ever. Therefore, we want to make it easier for volunteers and employees of Czech Red Cross to safely and quickly move around the city, by providing them with free trips on the Uber app,“ describes Stepan Sindelar, Uber’s Country manager for the Czech Republic.

During the crisis, the Czech Red Cross helps, among other things, train volunteer medical staff who help to ease the pressure on hospitals, and also focuses on social activities in the field of care for the elderly, children and others in need.

“Our staff and volunteers help with the care in social services and health facilities on daily basis. All this requires constant movement in the field, and therefore we very much welcome the offer of free rides, which will make our work significantly easier and, above all, speed up our operations,” says Jaroslava Markova from the Czech Red Cross.

The code is valid for rides in all categories, including the “UberX with barrier” option, which guarantees a plastic barrier separating the driver’s and passenger’s compartment. 

In response to the epidemiological situation, Uber introduced a number of safety measures, including, for example, an obligation for all users to wear a mask, as well as an electronic verification of whether drivers have face masks on before they can log into the app. In addition, Uber has provided drivers with thousands of free in-car separators as well as disinfectants, masks and other hygiene equipment to keep their cars clean.  

Next to receiving regular safety and hygiene reminders in the app, drivers and passengers now also have the opportunity to give specific feedback about the hygiene and safety of their trip, and to even cancel their rides free of charge if one of the parties do not comply with all measures for maximum health protection.

At the same time, Uber provides financial support to any driver who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has been quarantined. For more information, see here

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