There’s a Projection Of Hope & Solidarity In Vinohrady

TYKO SAY, a Prague-based writer for the poetics collective OBJECT:PARADISE, Z.s. is projecting words of hope and solidarity from a balcony nightly from the 23rd of February until March 2nd, viewable from Tower Park in Vinohrady.

The piece titled We, which is composed of lines that can be read negatively but also positively from the perspective of the Covid-19 restrictions will be projected at Ondříčkova 32 but viewable from the entire square. The objective of the project is to encourage onlookers to recognize the qualities they have gained in isolation.

Phrases like “We keep vacuuming our homes” and “We cry secretly in the other room while our girlfriend sleeps to not wake her”, encourage onlookers to think about their own habits and tendencies that they have gained during isolation which seem negative at first, but are ultimately a force of good.

OBJECT:PARADISE, Z.s., aims to incorporate poetry and poetic happenings in the daily lives of Praguers, encouraging the breakdown of the conceptual “poet” and “audience” by placing poetry happenings in public spaces.

In June last year, OBJECT:PARADISE held a similar event, Tunnel Vision(s), in the Starý Vítkovský Tunel, where over 100 people gathered to experience a fusion of language and public engagement, often encouraging the rollerbladers and bike riders to slow down and experience the happening.

OBJECT:PARADISE is looking to make everyone a poet, or at least encourage everyone to ask themselves, “Is that poetry?”. Some people may think it is a nuisance; others may stay a while a see what happens next.

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