Twelve Thousand Households in the Czech Republic Without Electricity

Twelve thousand households in the Czech Republic remain without electricity on Tuesday as a result of floods and strong winds after technicians disconnected dozens of transformer stations. 

Gas supplies have also been turned off in areas from which people have been evacuated.

Two thousand people found themselves without electricity in southern Bohemia. “We have seen six faults on the high voltage line. The outages concern the surroundings of Vyšší Brod, Olšina and Chyšek in the Český Krumlov region,” said Roman Šperňák from the energy company E.ON.

Heavy torrential rain partially paralyzed traffic in Zlín. “At approximately 7:15 a.m., the underpass under the railway line in Zlín in Dlouhá Street was flooded and road traffic was interrupted,” said Vojtěch Cekota, spokesman for the Zlín – Otrokovice Transport Company.

Meteorologists issued a weather warning until Wednesday. They say wind speeds could reach up to 70 meters per second in central and south-western parts of the country.

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