Troja Chateau: Red Pearl on the Vltava River

Just next to the Prague Zoo, in Troja district, you can find an exceptional Baroque chateau. Its distinctive red color is complemented by unique interior decorations and pleasant French gardens.

Once you visit this chateau, you will be impressed either by the Baroque style frescos or by the temporary exhibitions prepared by the Prague City Gallery.

Troja Chateau is actually a luxurious summer residence built by the Sternberk dynasty who planned to host celebrations, concerts, and feast here. That is why the villa is surrounded by a magnificent French garden and old vineyards to host a significant number of visitors.

The dominant of Chateau is the impressive staircase leading from the Great Hall to the garden. The statues on the staircase symbolize the battle between the Titans and Olympic Gods, and for people, they symbolized the Troyan war. That is how the Chateau gained its name.


Troja Chateau

The interior of the Chateau is exceptional. All over the castle, there are original frescos that decorate the Chateau better than any furniture. The main dominant is the Great Hall with frescos glorifying Habsburgs’ dynasty and their victory over Turks in 1683 (Chateau was built between 1679 and 1691, so it was quite actual at this time).

The frescos on ceilings symbolize the celestial world and the frescos on walls the terrestrial world. There is also a unique perspective that makes you feel like the figures on frescos try to grab your attention.

Troja Chateau

Troja Chateau


Troja Chateau Garden

Gardens are open to the public from April to October. You can admire French-style gardens with a geometric design, labyrinth, sculptures, numerous trees, and central Neptune’s Fountain.

The main dominant is the stairs leading from the Great Hall to the garden. Besides the impressive statues, you can admire a central view right to the Prague Castle and its St. Vitus Cathedral. Sometimes, you can find here even some exhibitions of the Prague City Gallery. The garden is freely open to the public.

Troja Chateau

How to Get to Troja Chateau

Troja Chateau, with its gardens, is located in Troja district, together with Prague Zoo and Botanical Garden. Opposite the Chateau is a lovely St. Clara Vineyard with a great view of the Troja Chateau and whole Prague. It is a part of the Prague Botanical Garden.

You can get there by bus 112 from Nádraží Holešovice or have a walk by the Stromovka park and take a ferry to Troja district (you need a regular ticket for Prague transport).

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