Triton Restaurant: Gastronomic Art in a Stalactite Cave in Prague

You can find the Triton restaurant in a stalactite cave built under Wenceslas Square in the basement of the Adria Hotel. The restaurant exhibits so-called gastronomic art.

The dishes surprise not only with their taste, but also with their visual appearance and interesting story.

The kitchen of this exceptional establishment is run by the young and talented chef Tomáš Kohút. Inspiration for his dishes comes from classic Czech cuisine and he transforms them into elegant and ultra-modern versions. Let’s introduce some of them…

Original menu

One of the appetizers, the unique zavináč, is outstanding. Unlike its pub model, the dish will surprise you with the delicate taste of pike perch marinated in Prosecco vinegar and an impressive accompaniment in the form of cashew nut puree, bacon and fish broth.

The colorful combination of flavours is garnished with fish skin chips, red pepper gel, sour kefir, and dill sauce.

The second course is a variation of fried cauliflower, which is transformed into a liquid version in the form of cauliflower cream flavoured with apple cider vinegar.  The chef serves it with a honey biscuit and duck prosciutto.

As the main course, a very imaginative and bold presentation of the dumpling-pork will amaze you. The tender belly on the plate is accompanied by potato dumplings filled with truffles, marinated cabbage, beetroot puree, and truffle butter sauce.

And there are no surprises in the dessert category either, where the chef and his team have again prepared a slightly controversial vision of strudel. It does not lack basic ingredients such as apples, walnuts, or raisins, but is otherwise completely different.

And it is this otherness that, in addition to great taste and visual perfection, is one of the foundations of gastronomic art.

The interiors

The unique ambiance of Triton, coupled with the fine dining experience it provides, makes it one of Prague’s première Art Nouveau restaurants.

Set amongst the stalactites, the walls are adorned with statues and sculptures from Greek mythology, recounting the story of Eurydice and her husband Orpheus. While an exotic fish tank adds colour.

Intelligent lighting completes the scene, bouncing off the cave-like walls to create a magical, mystical atmosphere.

Triton is a reasonably small, intimate restaurant, and ideal for a romantic occasion, but it also makes an interesting choice for business dinners or groups of friends.

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