Traveling in Czech Republic: Study and Teach English Abroad

Cost of Living in Prague

For any tourist, the Czech Republic (aka Czechia) is an enchanting, fairytale-like country with hearty food, delicious beer, and friendly locals. But for those travelling with the intention of teaching English as a foreign Language (TEFL), this beautiful country is also the land of opportunities.


Life in the Czech Republic

From cross-country skiing to bungee-jumping, there’s so much to do in the Czech Republic. With its landlocked position in Central Europe, the temperatures in this country vary greatly between summer and winter. Expect hot sunny summers and cold and crisp winters – with a lot of snow! This will give you the opportunity to enjoy a day-trip to the countryside and by the river Vltava or explore the many cathedrals and castles dotted around the country, as well as quirky and unusual museums

Prague, the capital, is renowned for its thriving nightlife. There are hundreds of unassuming pubs and taverns, where you can enjoy great food and excellent local beer (and often a show) at affordable prices. If you want to splash out, there are also restaurants with opulent decor and exquisite food that will leave you speechless. If you want to dance your night away, fear not – Prague won’t let you down. Karlovy Lázně is the biggest club in Prague and claims to be the biggest clubbing complex in Central Europe.

Moving around the capital isn’t a problem. The public transport system is impeccable: always punctual and reliable. Be sure to download a bus timetable as times may be different at the weekend. Avoid using taxis: they’re expensive and rip-offs aren’t unheard of.  


Top tip: don’t eat on the bus if you don’t want to be publicly told off by the driver.

The Czech Republic is a safe country – yes, even the cities. Despite their stern appearance, the locals are very welcoming and polite. They are curious about other cultures and are proud to show what their country has to offer. If you have the chance to socialise with some of them, you’ll soon notice how genuine they are: Czech people know the true meaning of friendship. Making friends and meeting people won’t be a problem here, with a vast network of expats throughout the country.

Top tip: Although most people in the larger cities speak Czech, making an effort goes a long way. Start by learning the basics, like please (prosím) and thank you (děkuji). The locals will be impressed, as they know their language isn’t an easy one to learn. Most language schools offer their international teachers free Czech language lessons, usually on Saturday mornings.


Working in the Czech Republic

Since the fall of the communist regime, the Czech Republic has worked hard to establish and secure international trade, which has now led to a developed economy, where English teachers are in high demand. 

As in most countries, in the Czech Republic, there are more job opportunities in the larger cities, like Prague and Brno. However, there is demand for English teachers even in smaller urban areas – be prepared for tougher competition.

Working at a private language school is the go-to option for most TEFL teachers. You’ll be more likely to teach Business English, either one-to-one or in small groups, but rigorously at the company’s premises. Your school will give you a timetable that allows for travelling time to and from different business venues and (usually) will pay your travel expenses. Many schools will provide you with directions and an emergency number in case you get lost. 

If Business English isn’t your thing, you could always teach exam classes, which are also very popular among adult learners. Another popular option is to teach preschool children – you’ll need a lot of patience and energy for this role!

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is relatively low, which affects the rate of pay. However, TEFL salaries here will allow you to live comfortably and travel around. Many schools offer benefits, such as referral bonuses, and support with accommodation and visa.


Qualifications required

Holding a university degree and being a native English speaker give you an advantage, but they aren’t a deal-breaker either. What’s really important for an EFL teacher looking to work  in the Czech Republic is a TEFL certificate from an accredited provider. Most schools in the Czech Republic welcome newly qualified TEFL teachers.

You can attend and get your TEFL qualification in your home country, of course, but if you have your heart set on the Czech Republic, there’s another option. More and more language schools offer future TEFLers the opportunity to get their qualification and to be hired by the same employer. 

The main advantage of this is that you won’t have to go through the typical application-interview process to land your first teaching job.

Another advantage is that you’ll be immersed in the reality you’ll be teaching in. This will give you an idea that is clear and detailed teach english in the country of your choice.


In conclusion

If you are looking for an exciting place to live and work in, the Czech Republic is for you. Whether you choose an urban and vibrant area like Prague, or a quiet and idyllic rural location like Český Krumlov, you are sure to find good beer, comforting food, and good friends. As a TEFL teacher, you’ll be a part of a successful economy in the making.

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