Travel Company Launched “Blind date” Holiday in Prague

A British travel company has launched a novel new way to find love; fly to Prague and take part in a blind date.

Travelers who want to try their hand at the novel holiday can book a trip to Prague for £149 (4,500 Kc) and as part of the package get two nights in a hotel, flights and a date with a fellow love-seeker thrown in the mix.

The flights are leaving from London Luton, Gatwick or Stanstead but Scousers can pay extra to fly from Liverpool instead.

Once you get there the company will set you up with another holidaymaker on the same package for a date. You’ll meet in the hotel reception at 9 am before going off to spend the day together at your leisure.

Daytime activities aren’t included in the package price. Customers must be aged between 18 and 30 only.

You’ll get the option to select if you’re looking for a man or woman when you go to buy your voucher.

According to the company: ” Whether you are looking for a man or woman, we will play cupid and try match you up with one of our other customers to send you off on the date of a lifetime! Holiday romances might not be for everyone, but ‘holidates’ are the latest trend to sweep the dating scene.”

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