Transferring Your Money in the Most Reliable Way

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Running business globally implies directing the flows of financial capital to different areas with their laws and political situations. How to protect your transfers and make them independent of any outer circumstances? Opening a business account at Genome will guarantee that your finances will be circulated only along the most reliable conductors for money capital.

Financial Service for Businesses

The movement of money creates conditions for business development. Investing in some projects, businessmen build their future plans aimed at prosperity and growth. If this movement is blocked at any chain link, the huge network of business relations will undergo some financial losses. That is why the quality of the financial service has paramount significance to the broad business environment. Open business account on the Genome online platform and manage the flows of your capital from any place.

What Benefits You Get with Business Account

You can open different types of accounts at Genome with various programs that consider the specifics of your business activity. A business account gives you the following possibilities:

·         Conducting your money transfers internationally and locally with the most reliable payment systems, such as SWIFT, SEPA, internal Genome system, and others.

·         Processing your payments with a high degree of security for your funds.

·         Providing cards to stimulate your business activity.

·         Opening of an eWallet as a digital financial service.

Possibilities Provided by Business Account

Genome account offers all financial tools you need for running your business:

·         Up to fifteen IBAN accounts in EUR and USD.

·         Possibility to exchange currency on a profitable base.

·         Convenient payment templates that allow making transfers in one click.

·         Instruments for managing your account together with other people. You can determine different levels of access to your business account for various groups of employees. Restriction of access can be realized instantly.

·         Regular in-depth analytics that accompanies the Genome account.

·         Instant notification about all operations conducted on your business account.

How Bank Transfer Money Proceeds to Your Business Account

Bank transfer money is conducted to your account through different payment systems. Genome provides you with a possibility to use the most effective and reliable ones:

·         SWIFT is the global payment system that will be accessible to you without any hindrances and inconveniences of the traditional banking system. SWIFT is the longest-running payment system that covers almost all countries of the world. Since it is internationally acknowledged, you can be sure that no domestic problems of a particular country will affect the reliability of the transfer. The financial service of transferring your money through SWIFT is not expensive and takes from one to three working days.

·         SEPA allows you to easily and safely transfer your money in the EU and abroad. This payment system is faster than SWIFT. About four hours will be enough to complete your operation. It is also cheaper than SWIFT and costs only 1 EUR per transaction. Your business account will allow you to make smooth SEPA transfers in the most convenient way just from your office or home.

·         If you prefer instant and free transfers of your money, open business account at Genome. All internal transactions among Genome’s clients are free of charge and conducted immediately. If you have a business or personal eWallet at Genome, be sure that all incoming and outgoing transactions will be free of charge. They are also simplified since you need to enter just one parameter for this financial operation. Also, you will easily keep track of all your transactions.

The Procedure of Registering Business Account

The financial service of Genome is transparent, simple, and logical. All operations take a minimum of your time and energy. Make three easy steps for registration:

  1. Decide on the type of eWallet you need and sign up on the website.
  2. Verify your identity with a passport or ID card.
  3. Provide your company details and all the required information.

The financial service of Genome provides your business with the best conditions of conducting all your financial transactions with domestic and international partners and clients. Your business account gives you multiple options for its management. It is secured by the most advanced IT technologies and laws of the EU and Lithuania. Transferring your money with Genome is the best choice for the smooth movement of all your financial funds.

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