Trams and Buses in Prague are Also Taking Part in Movember

As seen in Klíčov, Kačerov, and also in the city centre, some buses and trams have been spotted sporting handsome moustaches in recent days. “According to traffic information, there are fifteen buses and fifteen trams” says the Ropid transport organiser on Facebook.

Since November 1st, the public transport company has been involved in the “Movember” project. In Prague, as well as twelve other cities in the Czech Republic, buses and trams have been decorated with moustaches in support of the cause.

“We want to promote Movember and help raise awareness for men’s health. The aim is to be seen by as many people as possible in the city streets,” the press department representative of the transport company stated, adding that this is another joint project under the patronage of the Association of Transport Companies of the Czech Republic.

The gentlemanly means of transport are very popular with the people of Prague. According to social media, some people have not hesitated to venture to the complete other side of the city simply to see the moustached trams and buses. Some people wish that the metros were taking part as well. “It is a shame that the front metro cars are not decorated in this way. A moustached M1 would be funny.” Ondřej Duba writes on Prague’s Integrated Transport Prague.

However, some people have taken to social media to criticise the project, seeing the stickers as a waste of money. According to Jan Berger, it would be much more beneficial for the transport companies to donate the funds to support the fight against cancer. But as Ropid explains in response, the focus of the campaign is primarily to draw attention to the issue. “Transport companies are also in cooperation with the Cancer Research Endowment Fund.”

Author: Holly Webb

Photo: Ropid

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