Tram 23 – Sightseeing Tram

Tram 23 is a brilliant opportunity to see all the important areas in Prague. The public transportation company calls it Nostalgic line No. 23 and it’s not without a reason. This line is served by the T3 tram which is the most produced tram type in the World and it served Prague for about 50 years since early ’60s.

The tram goes from Vinohrady, crossing one of the Prague’s main traffic hubs I.P.Pavlova, down to Karlovo Náměstí within walking distance from Dancing house, continues to Národni Třída and National Theatre, where you can get the wonderful view across the river to the Prague Castle and Petřín tower. Then it crosses the river to Újezd and Malostranské náměstí, where you can sit on Pražské židle, or decide whether you wanna go to the Charles Bridge, walk up to the Prague castle or continue to the Prague castle by the tram where it terminates.

The best thing about this line is that you don’t pay more than for the classic public transportation. So whether you buy a day ticket or regular ticket, you can always use it for line 23 as well as metro.

I take the tram mostly by accident: it is supposed to be really a sightseeing tram. However, from time to time, it happens that I am waiting for some tram and 23 just goes in the same direction. The main advantage is that it’s mostly empty so you don’t have to squeeze in the tram with all the people going home from work.

Author: Josef ŠevčíkYou can find the original article here

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