Traffic Deaths Fall to Lowest Point Since 1961

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Deaths on the road have plunged to the lowest point since 1961 thanks to reduced traffic during the coronavirus lockdown. Accidents have also fallen significantly.

According to preliminary figures, there were 465 accident victims in 2020, compared to 547 in the same period last year. The number of accidents and serious injuries also decreased year-on-year.

The final statistics will be presented at a press conference on 8 January.

“We only saw an increase in the number of traffic fatalities in January and February. The coronavirus pandemic and associated lockdowns have led to far fewer cars on the roads. However, traffic increased significantly during the summer holidays, because people mostly spent holidays in the Czech Republic,” Traffic Police director Jiri Zly told CTK today.

Total accidents fell to 93,300 — 14% fewer than 2020 while the number of seriously injured decreased by about a fifth to about 1,700. The police recorded alcohol in more than 4,400 traffic accidents, which is about 4% less than last year.

Speeding and the lack of attention are the two main causes of traffic accidents in the Czech Republic and claim the highest number of fatalities.

Moreover, a growing number of young drivers are involved. A fourth of all accidents were caused by a driver of five or fewer years of experience.

Environmental group Greenpeace is predicting a surge in cars on the road as more people head back to work. This will come with an increase in pollution, it warned.

“To prevent coronavirus from creating a traffic surge, cities must now create more space for cyclists and pedestrians,” Greenpeace traffic expert Marion Tiemann said.

Deaths in traffic accidents in the Czech Republic:

  • 2011: 707
  • 2012: 681
  • 2013: 583
  • 2014: 629
  • 2015: 660
  • 2016: 545
  • 2017: 502
  • 2018: 565
  • 2019: 547
  • 2020: 465 (preliminary data)


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