Traditional Three Kings Parade to Take Place in Prague

Walking through Prague these days, you may notice mysterious handwritten letters above doors looking a bit like this: K + M + B. Have a look around, it can be found all over the city!

On January 5th, 2020 the Three Kings on camels ride from the Church of St Thomas in the Lesser Town through the Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square where they will honor the Baby Jesus. They will give him also three presents – gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

This will be followed up by the concert featuring the Czech Christmas Mass by Jakub Jan Ryba.

As well as the kings decided to bring something to a baby born in not-so-well circumstances, you can also decide to give something for children from socially disadvantaged families. Near to the stage, there will be a basket, where you can put childrens´ books, toys, games or school equipment.

The Czech Charity which organizes also the Three Kings´ Collection will pass it all to families in need.
According to Christian tradition, several kings from the east were guided by a star to find the newborn Baby Jesus. The exact number of kings is not specified in the New Testament of the Bible, but they are variously known as the Magi, the Wise Men or the Kings.

The number three is due to the idea that they brought three symbolic gifts, which have been interpreted in various ways. Gold is obviously well-known as a source of wealth. Frankincense is incense used in religious ceremonies. Myrrh is a plant resin used in some ancient medicines and for embalming.

Photo: Caritas Czech Republic


Photo: Caritas Czech Republic


Photo: Caritas Czech Republic


Photo: Caritas Czech Republic
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