Tourist Season Officially Started in the Czech Republic

Karlštejnský pivní festival

Czechia’s magnificent castles, palaces, and national monuments, managed by the National Heritage Institute, will open their doors to the public on Saturday, April 1, as the nation’s tourist season officially starts.

The Institute has taken the opportunity to introduce a variety of new tours at numerous monuments throughout the country.

This year, it also plans to mark the 300th anniversary of the death of Baroque architect Jan Blažej.

In addition to state-administered sites, privately-owned chateaus that have remained in the possession of their original aristocratic families will also be welcoming visitors.

Year after year, Czechia’s abundant architectural and cultural heritage attracts millions of tourists, both domestic and international.

According to the National Heritage Institute, 3.4 million people visited these historic landmarks in 2022.

As well as new tours, many castles and chateaux are preparing a themed program for Easter from April 7 to 10.

Traditional popular events such as Castle Night on August 26 are also in the programme, with national heritage sites also set to open during the Night of the Churches, Open Gardens Weekend, European Heritage Days, and at the end of the year as part of the traditional Castle Advent event.

With new tours and special events, Czechia is set to captivate the hearts of history enthusiasts and tourists alike this season.

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