VIDEO: Tourists in Prague Charged 7,100 Crowns for 5.5km Taxi Ride

A taxi driver in Prague charged foreign tourists 7,100 crowns for a 5.5-kilometre ride, Irena Seifertová, a spokesman for the police, told the Czech News Agency.

The customers hailed the taxi at Rytířská street in the centre to U Průhon Street in Prague 7.

“When they arrived at the location, the driver initially demanded CZK 2,000 for the ride, but then he asked for more money. The customers, in order to get out of the car, eventually paid him CZK 7,100. After that he was stopped by officers from the Taxi Team,” added Seifertová.

The ride should not have exceeded CZK 300.

According to the officers, the driver did not use the meter, but showed the total amount to the customers on his mobile phone.

In the end, he was given a bail of CZK 100,000, which he did not pay on the spot.

Therefore, the officers stopped his car, seized his vehicle, and documents. In administrative proceedings, he can face fines of tens of thousands and the revocation of his license for three years.

Officers on the spot could fine the driver up to CZK 10,000.

“However, given the amount of overcharging, this would be rather a mockery,” the spokeswoman added.

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