Tourism Statistics: Prague Not What It Used to Be

Despite the increase in the number of tourists, Prague is still not back to pre-Covid numbers.

In 2022, over 5.98 million tourists visited Prague staying in hotels, guesthouses, or campsites. Although these numbers are already about 2.5 times more than in 2021, it is still roughly 2 million less than pre-covid year 2019.

According to the data from the Czech Statistical Office, the increase in tourism is mainly visible when looking at the number of foreign tourists visiting the city.

Prague’s foreign tourists are mainly from Germany, the United States, Poland, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom. Travelers from Southeast Asia are still underrepresented with an 86% decrease compared to the summer of 2019, possibly due to ongoing Covid restrictions.

However, during last year’s summer months, the city did not go unvisited by Czech visitors themselves. Domestic tourism in Prague has grown to 21,5%, whereas this number was only 15% before the pandemic.

This change is considered to be positive, as domestic travelers have the right knowledge to contribute to development of the local culture.

“We are very happy that we are succeeding in arousing the interest of domestic tourists in visiting Prague. Our long-term campaign At Home in Prague has undoubtedly worked and continues to motivate domestic guests to visit Prague through various benefit packages and combined discounts. We are also registering an increased interest in the Prague Visitor Pass tourist card, which provides tourists with an overview of all services and benefits in one place and without worries,” says František Cipro, Chairman of the Board of Prague City Tourism.

Despite the positive increase in numbers compared to previous years, the city is eager to put effort into getting the numbers to pre-Covid level. Prague has launched campaigns across several areas to encourage potential visitors to make the trip.

There have also been efforts to improve flight connections and promote (new) attractions unique to the Czech capital.

With all these efforts to make tourists feel welcome again in this beautiful city, the future of tourism in Prague seems bright!

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