Top upcoming musicians according to Noam Sela, Eurovision Contestant

Without a doubt, 2020 was the year most of us had more time than ever to listen to more music. Initially, we all felt a sense of disconnect from our favorite artists because of a lack of concerts and other music venues.

But they soon started presenting us with wonderful work online. What’s more, many of us discovered exciting new musicians on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and so on.

“There are some exciting upcoming musicians I think are worth watching right now,” says Noam Sela. The Israeli TikTok personality recently made a musical comeback after 20 years, and adds, “I appreciate good music and authentic sounds. Some new musicians have managed to make an impression on music lovers around the world because of their genuine sounds and creative music, and I believe they are the upcoming musicians to watch right now.”

The “British Isle invasion” Continues

Since the 1960s and the sensation known as The Beatles, the British Isles have continued to churn some undisputedly wonderful artists. Queen, The Bee Gees, Sir Elton John, Rod Steward, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones – one can go on for ages without running out of musicians to mention. One such musical sensation to watch hails from London. Her name is Arlo Parks and she has been making a name for herself since last year.

Arlo Parks recently dropped her debut album Collapsed in Sunbeams, but the poet-turned musician had a very busy and highly successful 2020. Every single she released was better than the previous one, she performed at the first virtual Glastonbury, and was named the Introducing Artist of the Year by the BBC.

Trinidad-born BERWYN grew up in England. He intersperses his gorgeous soul voice with sudden spoken or rap segments. His songs come from the heart and his experiences, transporting his audience with their deeper meaning, and sometimes, a dose of humor.

BERWYN first appeared on Richard Russell’s FRIDAY FOREVER album but soon became a solo artist. His debut singles GLORY and TRAP PHONE led to the release of DEMOTAPE/VEGA, a natural and unpretentious music creation. It was written and produced at a difficult time for the singer, who used an old laptop and broken headphones to get it recorded.

Other Exciting Musicians to watch

Teezo Touchdown is an upcoming musician with the potential to reach great heights. His fan base on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok know they are backing a winner, especially after the release of his singles Social Cues and SUCKA!

Mustafa Ahmed’s love for poetry is obvious. The Canadian-born son of Sudanese immigrants gained recognition for his poetry from the age of 12. It wasn’t long before he turned to songwriting, working with the likes of Drake, The Weekend, and Camila Cabello.

His personal debut was in 2020 with the release of Stay Alive, a song he describes as an expression of love that is also a remedy for violence. The gripping artist never rushes to release his new work, and fans are eagerly anticipating the release of When Smoke Rises. Most people who have heard his song Air Forces, a Sudanese tribal chant, one of the best pleas for peace ever written.

The remarkable talent of LA singer Foushee is finally getting the attention she deserves. She wrote the opening lyrics to Deep End in 2018, a song that went viral in 2020. The song went to the number one spot on TikTok and was on Shazam’s most-played charts. The song’s unprecedented success is thanks to an uncredited sample on a freestyle track by Sleepy Hallow. TikTok was responsible for finally getting Foushee the recognition she deserves. Despite having faced many hurdles and a competitive year from many great talents, Foushee has proven she has the staying power to make her a talent worth watching.

New Zealander Molly Payton emerged from the London indie rock scene with two EPs in 2020. Her first one, Mess, revealed a poignant side to her teen talent. Then, a few months later, out came Porcupine, an amplified rock album that proved she is a musician with the confidence to tackle the world.

Musical talent is determined by many characteristics, but for years many talents went unrecognized. The internet and social media platforms have allowed people rather than record labels to choose the musicians they love; not just based on their looks and stage presence, but because of their gifted abilities. Noam Sela is known for his frequent commentary on music industry news – it is worth following influencers like him to stay informed. 

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