Top Things to Do in Prague This Weekend

Find out what’s happening this weekend in Prague. Exhibitions, classical music, ballet, workshops as well as adrenaline night games and much more.


The Sleeping Beauty in Prague

If you love classical music and ballet, you can visit the National Theatre this weekend and enjoy the world-famous narrative ballet Sleeping Beauty, which premiered at the end of the 19th century.

In this dramatic tale, you can follow the romantic story of Aurora and Desiree as they are haunted by various suspenseful events, good and evil being an integral part of our everyday lives. This event is a guarantee of a unique artistic experience full of spectacular dance creations, perfect performances by the soloists, action-packed scenes and beautiful costumes.



Dinner with Mozart music in Prague

For all foodies and lovers of classical music, Grand Hotel Bohemia has prepared a perfect combination of both in the Dinner with Mozart musical event. You will hear world-famous arias and duets from Mozart’s operas “The Magic Flute”, “The Marriage of Figaro” and “Don Giovanni” and during the concert breaks you will enjoy a delicious three-course dinner served according to recipes of Czech and Austrian cuisine.


Let’s Meditate

During this weekend, you can take part in a relaxed online seminar that will help you get to know yourself better and help you find joy, balance in your life, overcome stress and gradually transform yourself. Together with other seekers, you will be guided through an online “c” meditation in quick and easy interactive steps. You don’t need to have any meditation experience. Just let your spirit be your guide and open yourself to the healing power of meditation.


Buddha Exhibition Prague

The National Gallery in Prague is bringing a unique exhibition of one of Asia’s cultures and religions – the history of Buddhist art from its beginnings through the first exhibition of its kind in the Czech Republic. If you want to learn more about the journeys, lovers and origins of Buddhism, this exhibition will help you do so by selecting the most important sculptures, paintings and artworks along with audiovisual and interactive elements.


Dinosaur Day at Prague’s Trilopark

The weekend exhibition at the Trikopark Prehistoric Museum is suitable for your curious children who are interested in prehistoric creatures and crafts. They definitely won’t be bored at this event. First, they’ll take on the role of real paleontologists as they uncover a three-metre long predator skeleton from the sand and touch a real dinosaur tooth, a mammoth molar and other fossils.

In addition, they’ll see real models or a four-metre-long plesiosaur skeleton. After that, at the dinosaur workshops, they will have the opportunity to show their crafty hands by creating casts and painting the dinosaur skull.


Ghosts of the Old Town 

Join us on a mysterious journey to the centre of Prague. How? Sign yourself and your children up for this unique outdoor game, during which you will visit famous landmarks and hidden corners in the centre of Prague and learn about them. This family game is for all families who love the thrill of finding answers. The mysterious expedition will take you 2 hours, you will walk about 3 km and at the end of it a small gift awaits you and your children.


Night games in Hostivař

The Friday night event is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Get together in a group of at least two people and get ready for a horror atmosphere like in cult horror movies. In this nighttime horror daredevil trail, your mission will be to try to survive and reach the finish line without losing your life. Are you brave enough to sacrifice yourself to save others, kill the masked killers or escape them? If your answer is yes, you will enjoy all the suspense and fight for survival in this unique event in Prague’s Hostivař Forest Park.


Invisible Exhibition

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to lose your sight? Whether you have or not, this exhibition will help you experience it through real-life situations, such as how to cross the road or how to pay for a coffee at a bar, that blind or partially sighted people encounter every day. This unique experience will definitely help you understand that the world can still be beautiful without this key sense.


Orchids of six continents

The weekend exhibition in the Botanical Garden Prague will take the breath away of all flower lovers. More than 2,300 species from all over the world will be on display for you to discover their beauty and learn more about these exceptional flowers. As every year, you can also buy some of them in the stock greenhouse. If you’re not sure which one is right for your home, ask their expert staff who will be happy to help. Both advanced and beginner growers will find them useful.

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