Top Things to Do in Prague in March

Top Things to Do in Prague in March

The first month of spring in Prague is literally packed with events. You can go for culture, visit gastrofestivals, but also get acquainted with the art of Czech and foreign artists. Treat yourself to unusual experiences and make your cold weekends and weekdays more pleasant.


1. Festival of fine coffee

Barista of the Year 2022 – Festival of fine coffee. For all lovers of this caffeine boost, Barista of the Year 2022, a festival of fine coffee and everything related to it, is set for the weekend of 12-13 March 2022. You’ll learn how to mix coffee cocktails, get to know the products of Czech roasters, and hear plenty of coffee-related stories.

In addition, on Saturday evening you can enjoy an Oatly party with latte art jam. Head to the historic New Town Hall for the Festival of fine coffee.




2. Matejska pilgrimage in Prague

This traditional event starts in February and runs until 11 April 2022. Matějská pilgrimage in Prague is always full of attractions (Czech and foreign), but also refreshments, stalls, and a varied accompanying program. The tradition of the Matějská pilgrimage is very long, with the first records dating back to 1595.

It is a celebration of spring and Saint Matthias, the patron saint of craftsmen, confectioners, blacksmiths and other trades. The event also include a “Day for disabled children and children from orphanages and shelters” and you can enjoy all these attractions and interesting program at the Prague Exhibition Grounds.




3. Worlds of Czech Animation

The thematic exhibition in the Prague Market Hall, entitled Worlds of Czech Animation, will also open its doors to all visitors in March. You can look forward to optical illusions, computer graphics, puppets, or theatrical props – in short, everything related to animation.

Would you like to take a look behind the scenes of the films The Octopus from the Second Floor or those made under the direction of Karel Zeman? Then don’t miss this event from February 3, 2022 – July 3, 2022.



4. Polívkování na Náplavce

For hungry stomachs we have an event called Polívkování na Náplavce, which will take place on Saturday 12 March. It is a traditional food fest, bringing domestic and international soup specialties that will warm you up, and sometimes even pleasantly surprise you.

Would you like to try Russian borscht, French bouillabaisse, Vietnamese pho or perhaps the popular Japanese ramen? You can taste all of these soups at Naplavka on Saturday 12 March. And you can also look forward to a wide selection of vegetarian products and pastries.




5. Laurels with the smell of petrol

Laurels with the smell of petrol – Interwar Czechoslovak motorsport. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the legends of the racing circuits and people who collected victory wreaths between the First and Second World War.

The exhibition Laurels with the Smell of Petrol – Interwar Czechoslovak Motor Sport at the National Technical Museum will introduce you to the Junkovy family, Jindřich Knappa, Jan Kubíček and other sporting legends. You can visit the exhibition until 1 May 2022.



6. DIY XL at the Exhibition Grounds

If you love to make all sorts of things, but you don’t have all the necessary tools at home, then take advantage of the Kutilové XL event at the Exhibition Grounds. Bring your appetite for work and, if necessary, non-traditional materials – everything else will be available on site for a fee.



7. Garden Ball 2022

GardenBall 2022 in Žofín Palace. Social events have been neglected in recent years, and now is the right opportunity to make up for it. That’s why the 2022 Horticultural Ball at Žofín Palace is a two-day event that can be attended on Friday or Saturday, March 11 or 12. You can enjoy the unique atmosphere in the lit Žofín Palace, with Alexander Hemala accompanying you throughout the evening.




8. The jungle that doesn’t sleep

The Jungle That Doesn’t Sleep – evening guided tour through the Fata Morgana greenhouse. A visit to a tropical forest is always a unique experience in the Prague Botanical Garden. However, the event called The Jungle That Doesn’t Sleep will offer you something even more unique – an evening tour through the Fata Morgana greenhouse.

For example, did you know that some flowers smell more intensely at night to attract their pollinators or that the cacophony of sounds is completely transformed? Don’t miss such an experience and book a tour from 1 to 26 March 2022.



9. Extended detective weeks at the castle

Extended detective weeks at the castle or investigate on your own. If you like to solve all kinds of intricate tasks or complex puzzles, then enjoy the Extended Detective Weeks at Chval Castle with the subtitle Investigate on your own. The event will start at the reception, where you receive an envelope with clues – and then it’s up to you.

The clues don’t just lead to the exhibition areas, but also outside the castle or to areas where ordinary visitors don’t get a chance to look. Your detective skills will be put to the test in every way.



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