Top Scholarships for Czech Students in the USA

Education is one of the most important stages for all people. If a person isn’t educated, he/she lacks relevant information that helps to make the right decision.

Non-educated people commonly cannot find a job. Even if they do that, the salary is lower in comparison with educated workers. Smart Czech students clearly realize that. They want to receive the best education and frequently try to study in the United States of America.

Thanks to the process of globalization, the borders are open. Thus, many international students go to the USA to receive a good education. A group of essay writing experts from Advanced Writers know how great the US educational system is. Thus, it’s no wonder so many youngsters from the Czech Republic try to get into one of the US colleges or universities. Is it possible? The answer is positive. You should simply do in-depth research to define appropriate options. Besides, you may subscribe to some informative portals of the Czech Republic. They shed more light on the educational and cultural life in the country. Thus, you may learn a lot of useful tips for your future education.

Useful Websites to Find a Scholarship

It’s not easy to define the best scholarship. Everything depends on the preferences of a student and the program offered by a college or university. Therefore, we recommend finding it using adequate data. There are several great websites, which help Czech students to define a perfect scholarship in the USA.

  • The Czech Educational Foundation of Texas

The state of Texas has one of the largest Czech populations in the USA. Accordingly, you should pay attention to CEFT. It was established in 1945 and it promotes learning Czech language and culture. It’s an amazing chance for students to receive a higher education certificate on advantageous terms. Choose arts, language, culture, history, music, or any other specialty.

  • ScholarshipsAds

It is one of the smartest sites that help to pick a perfect scholarship. You can easily orient there. You should identify only three important features. Using a big menu that appears right above, select your nationality, a country where you want to learn (it’s the USA for our case), and a degree level. Afterward, press “FIND”. The smart AI will offer all the available options according to your settings. You can choose from:

  • Medicine;
  • Fashion Design;
  • Software Engineering;
  • Mathematics;
  • Nursing;
  • Law;
  • Chemistry;
  • Management;
  • Geography;
  • Science and others.

The site offers other countries. If the US direction doesn’t have the program you need, consider other countries. You can also find dedicated web pages, which describe programs of the best universities in the USA, as well as the UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

  • Current School News

Obligatorily consider this informative website. It provides a list of the full international student scholarships in 2020-2021. You’ll find detailed descriptions of every available option. Of course, there will be a direct link that leads to the official website of a college or university. You can quickly reread the options you need and apply. The website also offers a quick search, useful blogs, and materials.


Another great option is This site provides the best 20 scholarship programs for international students in the USA. You’ll find detailed descriptions and direct links to such famous institutions as Princeton, Yale, Harvard, University of Chicago, and others. Accordingly, you will possess the necessary data to make the right choice.

Besides, the website offers helpful blogs for students. Most of them describe the cheapest colleges in different cities in the USA. However, you can find other interesting blogs. For example, they are related to the typical problems of international students and how to overcome them.

Quick Tips to Adapt in a Foreign Country

Even if you get the desired scholarship in the USA, it’s not enough. You will live in a foreign country with a different mentality and unknown traditions. Many international students cannot cope with culture shock and have to return home. We want to help you and propose a few quick tips to withstand problems with adaptation. Czech students can use the following recommendations:

  • Find a few local friends;
  • Learn local customs and traditions;
  • Find out the vital facts about the city you’ll study in;
  • Practice English with native speakers;
  • Focus on the positive;
  • Give yourself some time to get adjusted;
  • Do not compare yourself to others;
  • Find some time to relax;
  • Be an active student;
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
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