Top Czech News Headlines: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

If your day doesn’t start until you’re up to speed on the latest headlines, then let us introduce you to our new morning fix. 

  • A joint meeting of the Czech and the Slovak governments may take place in late April and early May, Slovak PM Eduard Heger told a press conference yesterday. Traditional Czech-Slovak cabinet meetings have been recently suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky (Pirates) has decided to suspend the implementation of firms’ licences for the export of military materiel to Kazakhstan over the current situation there.

  • According to a January report from the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO), consumption and wages are on the rise. However, the public budget deficit has reached a record CZK 420 billion, nearly 7% of GDP.


  • A new plaque was unveiled to Milada Horáková – a politician executed by the Communists – in Prague on Tuesday. The new memorial is on the building where she was born, on the corner of the streets Rumunská and Bělehradská.


  • More than 50 percent of new coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic are the Omicron variant, and in many larger cities, the proportion is near 80 percent.
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