5 Things First: The Top Czech and World News Headlines

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  • Property prices in the Czech Republic grew by 14.5 percent, year-on-year, during the second quarter of 2021, Eurostat data shows. This is the highest rise in six years in the Czech Republic. The country also placed third overall in EU comparison during the second-quarter period.

  • Czech vaccinologists recommend that the interval for re-vaccination against COVID-19, be cut from the current eight to six months, Vaccinology Society chairman Roman Chlibek said on Twitter. On Monday, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) already approved the possibility of re-vaccination with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine after six months for adults over 18.

  • Czech President Milos Zeman will receive senior government ANO leader Andrej Babis in the presidential manor Lany on Sunday evening at 18:00. It is expected that the politicians will discuss the results of the general election to be held on Friday and Saturday. Babis told Blesk tabloid server that it would be an informal meeting and not after-election negotiations.


  • Nato has expelled eight Russian diplomats it says have been working secretly as intelligence officers. The military alliance has also halved the size of Moscow’s mission working at its Brussels headquarters to 10.

  • Seventy-six years after the end of World War Two, a former concentration camp guard has gone on trial for assisting in the murder of 3,518 prisoners at Sachsenhausen near Berlin. Josef S is accused of complicity in the shooting of Soviet prisoners of war and the murder of others with Zyklon B gas.

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