Top 5 Czech Traditional Meals 

The pandemic has changed our lives. We’ve forgotten about traveling and prefer spending time watching movies and playing free online casino games Canada. But soon we will be traveling again. And every traveler brings back from vacation not only pictures of local sights but also gastronomic impressions.

So, it is impossible to know the beauty of the country without tasting the dishes of traditional cuisine. Here are five must-try Czech national dishes.


A real milestone in Czech cuisine – not a single meal is without it. Essentially, dumplings are a piece of dough, potato or wheat, boiled or steamed. They are served with various sauces, sliced.

Sometimes they are made with meat or cottage cheese. In addition, there are sweet types of dumplings – they are made with a chocolate filling. Many dishes in the Czech Republic have large portions. So, it will be reasonable to order one for two, three people. 


A popular street sweet. It is made of rich yeast dough and sprinkled with powdered sugar before serving.

You make it as a tube of thin pastry, which you wind on special rods and bake in the oven. The ready tube is filled with various cash: chocolate cream and whipped cream, fruit and berries, nuts, and poppy seeds.

Vepřové Koleno

The most famous Czech dish is roasted pork knee. It has been prepared since the beginning of the 11th century. At that time, hunting was the favorite occupation of the local nobility. If it was successful, they served pickled wild boar’s leg as a main dish.

In the process of cooking the meat is marinated for almost a day, rubbing it with a mixture of spices and dark beer. It is served with freshly baked bread, horseradish and mustard. Keep in mind that the meat weighs about 1-2 kg, so it’s worth ordering for the company.


Czechs are very fond of first courses. And in Czech cuisine, they are usually very thick and boiled. To make the soups thicker and fatter, they add vegetable purees and semolina or flour dumplings.

Bramboračka is a hearty mushroom soup with potatoes added. It is prepared according to an old rustic recipe. It is considered the most traditional and one of the most famous Czech soups.

Bramboračka is not usually served in the usual bowl but in a round bun. All the crumb is taken out of it, and the top is carefully cut off, covering the poured soup with it.


Cheese in the Czech Republic is mostly used as an appetizer for various kinds of beer. One of the most popular types is hermelin. Smažák is covered with a light mold, it is rolled in flour, spices, and breading.

The blank is fried in a lot of oil. The cheese itself may have a very peculiar smell. However, it disappears completely when heated.

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