Top 10 countries where football is popular

Among the bunch of the most played games globally, football is at the top of the list. The game of football is a favorite among a vast number of people. The two reasons behind its popularity are that it can be regulated by very minimal rules and organized with limited equipment.

Too many constraints are not essential in choosing a spot for the game. Just two teams with 11 players are required to arrange this sport. The other prominent name for football is soccer. While you go through this content enjoy Woo Casino for sure!

Though it’s familiar in every country of this world, there are some specific countries where football is more popular. In this article, we will discuss those particular countries. A-List Of Top 10 Countries Where Football Is Very Popular

1. Brazil: If you wish to know about the countries which are crazy for football, then Brazil appears first. Football has had its Brazilian identity since the beginning. Their technique and attitude in football are energetic and full of blaze. Their innovative playing has come from the ancient street-style football game. Brazil is one of the most efficient countries that has won many FIFA World Cups. With renowned football players like – Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Neimar Jr., etc., this country can attract more fans towards it. Football is applauded by the Brazilian culture cordially.

2. Germany: After Brazil, if you have queries about the second-best country where football is popular, then Germany comes. Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Muller, Close, and Manuel Nuer are some personalities who have circulated this game worldwide. Germany’s national team successfully won the FIFA World Cup more than once.

3. Italy: In the list of top football countries, Italy’s name must be restrained, as Italy became so blooming with the fame of the sport, football. The national football team of Italy has already captivated millions of hearts on the whole planet. The footballers of Italy, Cannavaro, and Buffon, are more worthwhile and outstanding.

4. Argentina: Though Argentina relished the taste of victory in 1978, it could earn considerable fame in this world within a short period. At every hook and loop, one can find an Argentina football fan. The Argentina National Team is very prosperous. Lionel Messi is a respected name from the football team of Argentina.

5. France: France is one of the notable countries where football is well-distinguished. In 1863, the first football club started. The center of this sport France Football Federation has allocated more than 2 million licenses to the football players. France football has grabbed a firm place at the international level.

6. England: England is responsible for the present status of football in the entire world. No one is sure when the legislation was founded, but it started precisely in 1863. More than 40,000 football clubs started in England. With the support of these clubs, football could be able to touch the top-ranked sport in this country. In England, they launched the first professional football club.

7. Spain: Madrid and Barcelona – the acquaintance of these two names, are among the little kids to the aged people. These two remarkable footballers are from Spain. They have earned a considerable fan base for them in this country. And through them, Spain became so famous for their football game. In 2010, they won FIFA World Cup, and slowly besides Tennis and Basketball – football became the king of games in Spain.

8. Netherlands: In 1879, a young boy called Pum Mulier first introduced the game of football primarily to the native people of the Netherlands by establishing a football club. In this way, football began its journey through its fans of the Netherlands. The Dutch Professional League is quite familiar in the global world. Other countries respect the players of this country.

9. United States: In the United States, basketball and baseball – these two sports were tremendously popular. But beating them, football has snatched the notoriety of many audiences in this country. MLS or Major League Soccer began all around the country with the support of football fans. The women’s football team can seize massive popularity in the United States.

10. Turkey: Though Turkey is well-known for the game, basketball but football has successfully occupied its place in the hearts of the common mass. The origin of football started in the era of the Ottoman in 1875. Turkey came to the evidence of football through the fans of England. However, the national football team of Turkey is unable to establish itself, mainly like the other countries.


This article is for football lovers who are continuously digging into the depth of knowledge regarding this sport. These countries have enormous contributions to spreading this game in the world of sport.

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