Tomorrow, June, 12: Live Session About Airbnb, Hotel and Hostel Business in the Czech Republic

We are continuing another Q&A session in cooperation with Prague Integration. This time we are bringing you two different speakers: Shaun Dalton, Revenue Manager at Easybnb and Lovro Rumiha, manager of Clown and Bard hostel, one of the oldest and most original hostels in Prague. 

With Shaun and Lovro you will have the opportunity to listen about ”Airbnb, hotel and hostel business in the Czech Republic”. 

We have certainly witnessed Prague’s tourism scene shrinking due to the COVID-19 outbreak this spring. That has certainly imposed an impact on the business of the hospitality scene for many of their owners who were left without guests and have even been forced to temporarily or even permanently close their business and lay off their staff.

Additionally, many of the Airbnb owners had to immediately change their model and offer their properties for long term rent.

As the situation is slowly coming back to normal while we are waiting for the borders to open for tourists, we can’t leave some of the questions hanging in the air. What can we expect now to come and will the Prague hospitality (tourism) scene be the same?

Can we expect certain changes in terms of regulations and how can owners and hospitality managers still keep their business up and running? 

Lovro and Shaun will discuss these questions on Friday, 12th of June, 2020 on Prague Morning Facebook page. With extensive experience and new and fresh outlooks on the hospitality scene, they will for sure lead another vibrant discussion.

Event on Facebook here

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