Tips on How to Rent a Vacation Home in Kenya

Kenya is among the top tourist destinations, offering rich cuisine, cultural diversity, incredible natural sceneries, wildlife, and great weather all year round, to mention a few aspects.

While planning a tour, among the key considerations is the accommodation. Today, more travelers are opting for vacation homes owing to many advantages such as the ability to cook and clean, better privacy and security, more amenities, and staying under one roof as you do back home. The best vacation home is a home away from home. But how do you pick such a vacation rental in Kenya? Read on for a few tips to make the process easier.

Your travel plans

Are you touring Kenya solo, with your spouse and kids, or as a group of friends? Establishing your needs is the starting point since it’ll guide you on what the vacation home must have. For instance, a small house with few amenities may suffice if you travel solo. However, if you are a group, you’ll want more bedrooms, a full kitchen, perhaps multiple bathrooms, and amenities like WIFI/internet, satellite/cable TV, laundry machines, spacious parking, and air conditioning few considerations.

Moreover, you’ll also need to consider the itinerary and pick a vacation home that’ll make it easier to explore. Besides ensuring the house is in a secure neighborhood, you must ensure you can quickly come and go as you strive to tour more. For example, if you are touring Nairobi, you’ll want a house close to the city, not further away like in Mombasa or Naivasha. Consult your itinerary and consider who you are traveling with, ensuring you choose a strategically located vacation home offering enough space and utilities for your stay.

Do your homework

Don’t be in a rush; that’s the easiest way to miss out on great properties. There are many properties to browse, emphasizing the need to take your time, research, and pick a vacation home offering the best. The best part is that your research won’t be much hassle with innovative online platforms like Hauzisha; these platforms provide extensive listings across the country. You’ll gather as much information as possible, such as the prices, features, and best locations. The data will help you make an informed decision, find the best vacation home, and seamlessly book it for your trip. As you do your homework, don’t forget the reviews and ratings; they give you an idea of what to expect from the vacation home.

Ask questions

You’ve picked a vacation home and are ready to book; what should you know? An upfront, honest, and detailed conversation is critical, ensuring you enjoy a great stay and, upon leaving, have no friction. A security deposit, for example, is necessary. It cautions the owner against any damages you may cause. Besides the amount, how and when will you get it back? Having clear answers to such questions is essential. Other concerns like who is responsible for cleaning, maintenance, and the house rules also count, making your stay enjoyable.


You love the photos and videos of the house, and the owner is friendly and upfront. That’s great, but it is not over; you need to inspect the home before you move in to ensure it is in good condition. Check the floor, doors, windows, toilets, tub/shower, furniture, and other appliances. You don’t want to be held responsible for damages you didn’t cause, emphasizing the need for a thorough inspection before signing the agreement.

Detailed agreement

Word of mouth agreement; don’t go for it as it can come back to haunt you. A detailed agreement signed by both parties offers protection. The contract should also include details such as the cancellation policy. Read between the lines, raise and clear any issues you may have. This way, you know you can pursue and protect your rights should the owner turn out to be a crafty operator.

Finding and renting a vacation home in Kenya is a breeze. With all the properties available and resourceful online platforms, you can conveniently browse the market and narrow the options following your unique needs and preferences, making your stay unforgettable.

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