Tips For (Short) Trips to Lesser-Known Prague

Do you live in Prague or are you a frequent visitor? Are you looking for new places to visit outside Prague’s bustling locations?

Here are our tips on hidden gems around Prague for you to discover when you are in the mood for some peace and quiet.


Vestecký rybník
This beautiful pond is located on the outskirts of Prague, Jesenice to be precise. The pond’s quiet surroundings are beautifully landscaped, with wooden walkways for you to cross the pond. This pond is recommended if you are looking for a calm location, and don’t be afraid to come here with children or pets.


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Prosecké skály
The natural monument of Prosecké skály is located in Prague 9. It’s a beautiful place for walking, and you will find two viewpoints that provide an amazing panoramic view of Prague. An educational trail from Vysočany, through Prosek to Střížkov leads through the Prosecké skály, which we highly recommend if you want to learn something new and interesting.


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Gabriel Loci
In Prague’s Smíchov, next to the Kinsky garden, you can find a former religious house, the monastery of St. Gabriel. This is an amazing building that few people know about. It is a cultural monument that feels grand; some would say it makes you feel like you’re in Harry Potter. The surroundings of the monastery are open to the public and events are regularly organized on the inside.


Are you looking for a slightly more challenging walk? Go to Klánovice’s nature park. The area is about 970 hectares, which is quite a lot of space for walking. Here you will find a flooded sand pit, Martiňák pond, Kyjský and Velký počernický ponds and severalother bodies of water. 


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Doubravka observation tower
The observation tower in Prague in Černý most was built relatively recently, in 2018 to be exact. The observation tower is built in a modern style, with 98 steps leading up the 20 meter height. An interesting fact is that this observation tower is located in the aforementioned Čihadla park. It won the National Award for Architecture in 2019.


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Hradiště Děvín
Do you like peace, nature and views? Then Hradiště Děvín is the place for you. Go to Zlíchov and climb up on the left side of the Vltava river. The place is located at an altitude of 310 meters. The view is breathtaking. If you want some peace and calm, you will surely find your place here.


Monastery on Bílá Hora
You probably know Bílá Hora, located in Prague 6. But did you know that there is a beautiful pilgrimage site with the Church of Our Lady Victorious? It is built in Baroque style. Take a walk in the pilgrim’s garden and go on a guided tour. It is definitely worth a visit, and perfect for all seasons.


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