Tips for Companies to Use Instagram

Instagram is currently one of the most important social media platforms. Not only private individuals are represented here, but most companies also have their own Instagram profile. The reason for this is that social media marketing is at least as important today as advertising on billboards or on television. Because especially the younger target groups can be reached in this way. However, Instagram is not always easy to understand, especially at the beginning. Because there are countless functions that need to be used, as well as dos and don’ts that need to be observed. For this reason, in this article we have collected the five most important tips that you should take to heart when using Instagram for your company.


Set up a company profile

The first step in successfully presenting your own company on Instagram is the company profile. On the one hand, there are a few points that are generally important on Instagram, but there are also relevant differences between the profile of a private person and that of a company.

First of all, a company should have a business account on Instagram. To do this, you can simply convert a normal account into one. Instagram even offers this service for free. With this business account you have the opportunity to get precise insights into how many people you can reach with your own posts. You can also use this type of account to advertise your own posts on Instagram, which means you can reach more people. The budget for this advertising can be adjusted completely individually. A visitor to a business profile on Instagram also receives a selection of direct contact options that you determine yourself in advance and through which you want to be reached by potential customers.

Of course, your own profile must be filled with information about the company. The most important things here are the username and bio, i.e. the brief description of the profile. There are generally two common options for choosing a username. Either you already have existing profiles on other social networks such as Facebook. If so, you should use the same username whenever possible. Thus you can maintain a uniform user image. If you create your first company profile on Instagram, you should choose a name that unmistakably identifies your company.

The bio of your profile is a short description that explains to the visitor who you are and what they can expect on your profile. You have 150 characters available for this, so you should present yourself as briefly and concisely as possible. Information such as contact options should also not be missing here, although most of this information can be specified separately on the profile.

In addition to the username and bio, the profile picture is also one of the first impressions that a profile visitor receives of you. The most common is to choose your company’s logo. However, care should be taken to ensure that the selected image fits perfectly into the space available. The resolution and image quality must also look good.

Now you need to generate followers from trusted sources. It is advisable to first follow other users and companies in your own industry. On the one hand, you stay informed about what content your competitors are publishing. You can also get an impression of which users make up your target group on Instagram and how you can best reach them.

Finally, you should also draw attention to your profile outside of Instagram. For example, you can print the name of your profile on menus, table displays, posters or decorations. In this way, customers on site are immediately aware of this. Because you get more reach from the people who have already been with you, they must also know about your social media channels.


Plan and set goals

In the next step you have to think about what content you want to publish on your profile. However, before you can determine the exact content, some framework conditions must be observed. These conditions are above all the goals of your own company, the approach of competitors and your own target group.

All activities on Instagram should be geared towards achieving strategic goals. You don’t have to completely reconsider these goals when creating your Instagram account. Because ideally you already have certain goals in mind for your own company that you want to achieve. So all that remains is to wonder how one can use Instagram to achieve these goals. In addition to the overarching objectives of the entire company, there are of course fewer long-term milestones that can be set. You should also do this so that you can always orient yourself towards a strategy. When planning these milestones, you should always follow the S.M.A.R.T. principle. This means that your own goals should always be specific, measurable, feasible, realistic and timed. This principle serves to ensure that you do not set yourself unattainable goals and then lose sight of reality.

After you have set your goals, you should consider the environment in your industry. This gives you an overview of which strategies and approaches are already being implemented by your own competitors. But above all, what works and what doesn’t. The competition is always a good inspiration, but you can’t just copy what other people do and hope that it will work better. Instead, you can look at certain points of the foreign strategy and modify them and adapt them for yourself. Of course, only if you fit your own strategy. Additionally, keep an eye on the competitor’s captions and comments. Because here you will find clues for the use of another very important tool on Instagram: the hashtags.

Hashtags are used by Instagram to categorize content and display it to the right users. Therefore, you should research in advance which hashtags can bring many new visitors to your own profile, and which hashtags you are more likely to get lost because there is a flood of content on it every day.

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